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Dining Room Closure Announcement

This morning we were alerted that a staff member at our Down-town location as well as our East-side location tested positive for Covid 19. We immediately shut down all operations, notified our customers and the Coconino Health Department. Then we began the sanitation process, and by the end of the day everything has be sanitized. We will remain closed tomorrow just because – but plan to reopen (with the blessing of the Health Dept. btw) on Thursday July 2nd.

To date that equals 1 employee at each location. Every instance has been linked to exposure outside of our facility, and the employee was asymptomatic (very low transmission risk). Our protocols regarding face masks (no one is permitted in the building without one), staff monitoring (temp checks and health questionnaires), exposure and positive test results are rooted in CDC studies and have been reviewed and approved by our local Health Department.

Additionally we have voluntarily closed our dining rooms and patios for dine in service effective today. We will continue to provide delivery, curbside pick-up, as well as walk-in takeout (provided you are wearing a face mask).We will continue to offer a limited variety of pizza by the slice – but only for takeout, and again all customers that enter our buildings are required to wear a mask.

This phenomenon is not going away, but neither is NiMarco’s Pizza. We will fight to the end. We will not be one of the 8 of 10 independent restaurants that is expected to close indefinitely. As time goes on we will turn up more positive cases, it’s inevitable, but when we do we will close, sanitize and reopen as soon as possible – over and over again. We employ over 100 people that depend on us, and that is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. Yes we also have a social responsibility as well – but it’s not either or, you can have both – but it takes energy, resilience, and grit. When the going gets tough we will not crawl in a hole and hide. We will do the work, and it will be hard, costly, and frustrating and but in the end when you are tired of cooking for yourself and your family and need a break, NiMarco’s Pizza will be here for you Flagstaff. Thanks in advance for your continued support!

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