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All three dining rooms now open at half capacity

On September 1st we opened our dining rooms at all 3 NiMarco’s Pizza locations in Flagstaff. Although our capacity is half of what it normally is, at least you now have someplace to sit and eat your lunch other than your vehicle!

With that being said, we ask you – our patrons- to please respect our mask policy and make sure that you not only wear one when you enter the building but please put it back on every time you get up from the table for any reason.

Thanks to great Fall weather our patios at the downtown and westside stores remain open, curbside pick-up is still available at every location and delivery city wide. As a reminder we DO NOT partner nor condone the use of any 3rd Party delivery services such as Grubhub, Doordash, or Uber Eats. We do not feel as though we have the control over how our product is handled, who handles our product, or the accuracy of the orders that are placed on your behalf. We cannot be responsible for our food once it leaves our building when a 3rd party company picks it up and brings it to you. As a result we encourage you to order directly through us every time.

We are far from over this thing, and still anticipate disruptions in our operations, but thanks to our loyal customers and our kick-ass staff we live to fight another day!

Dave and Tommy

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